What affects the subconscious mind?

By Zoe Bowers


What affects the subconscious mind? by GolferGirl14

Have you ever thought about how you make decisions?

Your subconscious mind has a big influence on the choices you make every day, even if you don't know it. Everything that you have ever done, seen, or thought about is stored in your subconscious mind. Whether the memories are positive or negative, they will always be there. Try to remember something that happened 5 years ago, something that was really fun and exciting. Got one? You just retrieved that memory from your subconscious mind, in the midst of the rest of your stored thoughts. If you see something that reminded you of a certain memory, the same type of process happens. Your subconscious mind retrieves the memory, bringing it back into your conscious mind. It's kinda like Google: if you search a certain topic, a bunch of websites show up. It's also like social media: whatever you do will NEVER be removed from that website, even if you try to delete it.

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"...everything in the universe affects everything else."

Behavioral Effects

The subconscious mind affects your behavior greatly, even if you don't realize it. It takes ALL of your memories, since they are stored in your subconscious mind, and uses that to determine your behavior. Example: If a small child gets bitten by a dog, his/her subconscious mind stores that memory. If the child sees a dog in the future, he/she will most likely avoid getting near the dog. It is the same with all memories; positive or negative, good or bad, sad or happy. It works the same way with your attitude: if you think about a certain thing, then you will start to act like what you are thinking about. For example: if you think happy, joyous thoughts; you will start to become more positive. If you start to think bleak, negative thoughts; you will start to become more melancholic.

Physical Reactions to your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind stores various "pain points" that you respond sharply to if they are stimulated. Every individual person has different versions of these "pain points" and we all have individual responses to them. It is just like the example I used earlier with the small child and the dog: If a child gets bitten by a dog, then they will most likely try to avoid dogs in the future.

You are what you think; and with your thoughts, you make the world -Buddha

How does your subconscious mind affect your dreams?

While your conscious mind sleeps, your subconscious mind takes over your thoughts.For example: If you had a problem during the day, your subconscious mind will have it show up in your dreams to remind you of it and/or help you solve it. Even though your subconscious mind affects your dreams, your dreams can also affect your subconscious mind! Dreams can result in a change of emotions that greatly affect your subconscious mind's decision making. Dreaming also organizes the information that has been received that day.