Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications

Career Description

Most editors work in offices, meeting with authors, illustrators, and publishing company representatives. Editors plan, coordinate, and, of course, edit manuscripts and other unpolished material. They review work looking for plot holes, typing mishaps, and more.

Salary: $26,870-$104,960

Job Outlook: -2%


Let's take a deeper look at what you will actually be seeing and doing as an editor. As an editor, you will be reading much more than usual. You will be doing a lot of research while making sure work is both factually and grammatically correct. You also need to know what readers are looking for and be able to spot a good book, not just one you like, but one others will. Telling authors exactly what is wrong with their book is also a daily task. You might find yourself supervising other editors. No matter where you work and who you work for, you will end up sending lots of emails and keeping a busy calendar. Once you approve a book, you have to advertise it, help with layout and hire or recommend editors and technical writers.


  • Reading

  • Working with authors

  • Friendly work environment

  • Telling people they write well

  • Sending lots of emails

  • Scheduling events

Skills and Knowledge Necessary

  • Extensive knowledge of English

  • Knowledge of media and communication techniques

  • Knowledge of how to spread word and advertise information

  • Understanding of language and sentence structure

  • Certain amounts of writing skill

  • Skill for listening and critical thinking

  • Must be able to evaluate quality and work

Top Editorial Colleges

  • Louisiana State University College of Art and Design

    • Cost Per Year: $20,646.70

  • William Jewell

    • Cost Per Year: $31,620


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