Computer components

By Neve Pattemore

Tim Berners-lee

Tim Berners-lee is the inventor of The World Wide Web.The first website was built at CERN in 1991, and from there the internet was developed. Although he invented one of the most used inventions ever her gained no money from it.
Introduction to PC Hardware


The Motherboard is the center of a computer, everything from wires to RAM are all connected to it. Motherboards are made in different sizes, called form factors to fit different computer cases.
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Alan Turing

Alan Turing was the inventor of the first computer. This computer was created to decode the German secret code in the second world war. He was born on June 23 1912 and and died on June 7 1954. Although it is said that he saved the war from going on for two more years, he committed suicide after people gave him hormonal drugs after admitting he was gay.