Survival Guide

for the Mojave Desert

Location, Climate, and Geography

The Mojave Desert is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It gets pretty hot during the day. The highest temperature recorded by and American citizen was 57 degrees Celsius or 134.6 degrees Fahrenheit. At night the temperature gets as low as 8 degrees Fahrenheit. This desert extends East from the inland of the San Gabriel and San Bernadino Mountains in southern California into Southern Nevada and Northwestern Arizona.

Survival Steps

1. You will need plenty of water.

2. Search for something in the Mojave Desert that is flammable so you can stay warm at night.

3. Have tall sturdy boots for hunting so snakes won't be as sly as they used to be.

4. Bring old equipment for shelter or you can search from the Mojave desert.

Wildlife of the Mojave Desert