Counselor Corner

Quarter 4 - Jamie Wieck

Quarter 3 Review

During Q3 I was able to wrap up with the Academic Groups. Students learned how to manage their time, how to set priorities, and check progress. Many of the students have improved their Q3 grades and were exited from group. There are a few students that I will be checking in with individually to assist them through Q4.

Game Changers has officially ended. Students focused on taking responsibility for their actions, time-management, and continued to develop appropriate leadership skills.

Thank You!

Thank you to Jen Halman and Kim Biasi for inviting me into your classrooms 3rd Quarter! Here were a list of instructional lessons that were taught to their 6th and 7th grade Lit Skills classes:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Responsibility for Self (Taking Ownership for Actions)
  • Time Management
  • Organization (homework folders, planners, etc.)

We will continue in Quarter 4 talking about Peer Pressure and Test Taking Strategies.

I would also like to thank Brittany Danza, Cammy Christoff, and Caitlin Bradway for inviting me in to teach Growth Mindset! It's great to see this lesson being revisited in order for students to continue to build on changing the way they think about difficult tasks!

Last but not least, I would like to thank Debbie Vasco for inviting me in to work with her students on feeling a sense of belonging here at Friendship. We worked on building self-esteem and how to help each other through difficult times.

Quarter 4

Below is a list of things I will be working on during Quarter 4:

8th grade transition to 9th grade

  • Visits to the high school
  • High School visits to FJHS

5th grade transition to 6th grade

  • Counselor visits to each elementary school
  • Prepare for 5th grade visit to FJHS

Collecting IPF forms from each Elementary School

Continue to check in with Academic Group students individually