The office at the Commune!


A hop, skip and jump away from the office at the Commune!

A couple of weeks ago, I promptly came home from work and lambasted the watchman for something so innocuous that I shudder at the very thought! It was then that my wife calmed me down and over a cup of tea, and told me that this behaviour was something that was completely out of character, but something she had noticed with increased frequency.

Ironically, I hit upon the source of said behaviour on my trip to the office the next day. It was ironic because it was the arduous journey that was the culprit. The three hours a day I spent cooped up in the office cab caused me to be a most surly and irritated character, and this irritation had raised its ugly head in the most improper circumstances.

I called my wife immediately to confirm this, and we both came to the conclusion that the only way out was to move closer to the office, and we were both dead serious. Moving closer would definitely allow me to spend more time with my family, and more importantly re-introduce me to the person my wife knew and fell in love with.

So my wife scoured the internet in search for apartments near Electronic City. While there was indeed plenty of choice, we were sure that the Commune was by far the pick of the lot. These flats in Chandapura ticked all the right boxes, and was in a phrase – the complete package!

Each one of these flats near Electronic City provided residents with Vastu compliant and well-ventilated living areas, replete with well-planned bedrooms and spacious living rooms for a comfortable living experience. That aside, the property provided an inclusive and self-sufficient community model, which was actively promoted by the range of amenities on offer. I was thrilled to learn of the superb sports facilities that included cricket nets, a basketball hoop, tennis and badminton courts, pool tables and much more. This was sure to entice my children away from their iPads and Xbox’, and introduce them to a more active life. Besides, the amenities were sure to draw neighbours closer and provide a real sense of community living.

We finally booked a 3 BHK at these flats for sale in Chandapura and couldn’t wait to move in! In the end, I was glad that I had found just the solution to the surly and grumpy me, and by the looks of it, so did my wife! To find out more, visit, today!