A Closer Look Into Jamaica

How Many People Live In Jamaica?

There are about 2,950,210 people that live in Jamaica, this does not include the large amounts of people who travel there for vacation. Out of the 2,950,210 people, 1,461,010 are men and 1,489,200 are women. There are 0.98 men to every women.

Jamaica's population makes up only 0.0004% of the people in the world!

Religions in Jamaica

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Life & Death

The birth rate in Jamaica is 18.16/1000 populations, and the death rate is 6.7/1000 populations. You would think that their population growth would be rather high, but it is less than 1 percent, which means their doubling time is slow as well.

The average age of Jamaicans living in Jamaica is 25.3 years old, and the average life expectancy is 72.55 years old which is about average.

Population Cartogram Map

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Language in Jamaica

There are two languages spoken in Jamaica, English and Patios or Patwa. In the video below Patois is demonstrated using common phrasing and greetings.
How to Greet People in Jamaican Patois Language


Deforestation in Jamaica is one of the biggest problems the country faces today. Many years ago the island was entirely covered by forest. There were four main types of forest located in different areas. For example, a dry limestone forest was located on the southern lowlands and hills and a rainforest was located in the lowlands and mountains. Unfortunately most of the lowlands have been clear-cut to be used for agriculture. “The country has a sad record of local deforestation speed, much of it due to the fast growing tourism industry and agriculture expansion, mainly coffee plantations” (Jamaica: Deforestation, 2001).

Because tourism is so prevalent in Jamaica, companies are constantly building new hotels and roads that sit on top of land where forests used to grow. This is causing accelerated soil erosion from downstream sedimentation and flooding. Not only does it affect the land but it has started to affect coral reefs and beaches.

A major company called Bauxite Mining is considered the single largest cause of deforestation in Jamaica. In order for them to do their job, open cast mining, they must completely remove all soil and vegetation in the area. They also make roads leading directly into the forest creating deforestation.

As a result of this deforestation, more than a third of Jamaica’s watershed has began to deteriorate. The streams and rivers are drying up causing the cities and towns to have a lack of water. Trees and people are not the only ones suffering from deforestation; the forest animals are also at risk as well as the plants that Jamaicans use for medical use.

Soon all of Jamaica will be completely full of hotels and man made beaches. There will be a lack of water as well as trees and animals. This will cause many problems for the residents of Jamaica.

The widespread impact of deforestation in Jamaica


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