Sales & Incentives

It's summer time!!!!

I don't know about you but it seems like Stella & Dot has A LOT to offer right now. Sales, some favorite retired pieces back (and on sale), dot dollars, fall previews, and GORGEOUS trunk show exclusive offers. WIth school just getting out I have a little time to stop and think and catch you up on everything they are offering.

1. Dot Dollars! Earn $25 for every $50 you spend between now and June 15. Then - redeem those dot dollars off your full price purchase during the redemption period.

2. If you haven't seen the sale yet, you need to hurry and check it out. For a limited time, there are a few retired pieces (hello avalon tote!) amongst what I think is the best sale that Stella & Dot has had (some of the best statement pieces for under $100)

3. Trunk show exclusives .... I am not going to lie... I don't always LOVE the trunk show exclusive 50% off items, but right now I DO! They are amazing and I'd get them all if I didn't already have most of them. And - between now and Sunday you can pick the May or June TSEO's!

4. Fall Previews - Have you seen them? The Utopia is to DIE for!

Want to get a piece from the current line for FREE????

I am offering a FREE piece from the current line. To enter in the drawing is simple .... make any purchase between now and Sunday. Winner will be announced Monday!

Use this link so you can shop the TSEO's as well ....

Also - book a show for anytime in June and you can choose any piece under $50 and pay the price of the date of the show .... example June 15, you pay $15 for your item.

With love!

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Like an item - make a purchase

Like a few .... host a show and get them for free

Like it all ... Let's talk about the stylist opportunity for you!