Sixth Grade Comprehensive Science

Mr. Shaun Stabler:


Welcome to middle school! You are nearly half-way to your graduation. Middle school symbolizes the next step in your journey to adulthood. The goal of this course is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to allow for your education in the more advanced sciences in the future. This course will give you the skills and the knowledge to better appreciate the world that your reside and “how it works.” Every science course you will take will add additional pieces of the puzzle that is our existence on this planet and in the universe. Our adventure through science will utilize many different learning styles including hands on labs and activities, lecture, research, games, writing and current events. Science is exciting and is often new (in other words, this will be your favorite class!)


Edline is an on-line internet service provided by Polo Park to keep you informed of everything going on in class as well as your progress in each class. You will receive two Edline accounts: one for you and one for your parents. This will enable you to view current grades, keep up with assignments, check your calendars, etc. PLEASE register your e-mail and have your parents register their e-mail accounts as well. I send many important messages through Edline and if an e-mail account is not registered, you cannot receive the messages.

Science Fair

(Required for Advanced Classes- Period 1 and 6)

Science fair is one of the few opportunities provided by the school and the school district to allow those students passionate about science to pursue their own scientific curiosities in a safe and controlled process. Participation in the science fair utilizes the highest levels of inquiry and different forms of intelligence, while teaching time management and organizational skills. This is also one additional way that students can learn more about science outside the world of standardized testing and defined curriculum (the students get to pick their areas of study). All science fair activities that are turned in count towards the "test" category and can have a great effect on student grades.

Important Dates:

Topic selection: Was due on September 5th

Research Plan Packet (on the provided template): Was due September 20th

Final Project Board Due Date: Wednesday, October 25th

Science Fair Projects on Display for the Public at the Night of Science: Wednesday, October 25th

Request for Lab Donations

Due to the limited funding available for science laboratory activities and supplies, we are requesting donations to support your child’s science class. Your generous donation will allow your student’s science class conduct exciting and engaging laboratory activities that will best prepare them for their science success and learning process. Funding for Polo Park’s science class laboratory and classroom activities are funded solely through generous donations from supportive parents like you. Your donation will ensure a highly enriching and exciting science program this school year.

If you are able to make a contribution to your science class (some made a contribution in the beginning of school), the amount being requested is $25 (suggested amount). Payments may be made by a check, payable to Polo Park (please write your child’s name and science teacher on the memo line in the check). You may also provide cash in a sealed envelope, labeled with your child’s name and science teacher on the envelope.

Thank you again for your support toward our success in the new school year!



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