Activities Newsletter

August 2021

Fall Sports Begin on August 16, 2021

Welcome back! Summer is flying by and start dates for Fall Sports are just around the corner!

Fridley High School has lots of opportunities for all levels of participants!

Our desire is to provide the best opportunities we can for students at FHS. Because we are a small school with a big school attitude we are able to provide students with multiple opportunities to participate in extracurricular athletics. Our Vision is to build character strong citizens who use their sport experiences for positive personal growth. Our Mission is To Inspire and Develop Excellence. Whether this is your first experience in a sport or you are continuing on in your participation, we hope you will find the sport or sports that you participate in enjoyable and worthy of your time and effort.

Here is the list of first practices and where to meet the first day:

Cross Country 7-12

8:00am Meet at the FHS Wrestling room

Football – 9-12

3-5:30pm, 6:30-8:00pm- FHS Football Equipment room and practice fields

Football – 8

3-5pm- FHS Football Equipment room

Girls Soccer 7-12

8am-11am - FMS Soccer Fields

Boys Soccer 9-12

5pm-6:30pm M-F Tryouts all week - FMS Soccer Fields

Girls Swimming & Diving 7-12

3:30pm-6:00pm M-F FMS Pool

Girls Tennis 7-12

9am-11am M-F FHS Tennis Courts

Volleyball 9-12

3-5:30pm FHS gyms

Competition Tryouts:

September 10th 2021


Meet in wrestling room.

Contact Coach Kahnnie Gbor

How to Register for Sports and Activities

Registration for athletics is done using the Campus Parent or Student Portal. Click on the menu and then on Activity Registration, New, then click on shop under School Store, then on what you wish to register for. Select your student as the recipient, click on the blue link to the registration form, complete the form, and hit submit, then click on Add to Cart to pay the fee to be fully registered. All sports have a participation fee. Most fees are $150. If a student qualifies for a Free or Reduced lunch the Activity fee is $25.

All students participating in athletics need to have a current physical (within the last 3 years) on file at school. You can find the date of your last physical in the health tab of the student or parent portal in Campus. If you have any questions about physicals or registration please email or call Sue Hanson using the info above.

Where to find more information

Our game schedules are on available on the Tri-Metro website. . Click here for the latest schedules. Coaches use Google Classroom to communicate with students. Please contact your coach to ask to be part of the Classroom communications.

Adapted Soccer

Nikki Aug - Coach

(We Co-op with Columbia Heights)

Aanika Anderson – FHS School Liaison

Boys & Girls Cross Country

Brad Fisher

Boys’ Soccer

William Totimeh


Kahnnie Gbor


Justin Reese

Girls Swim and Dive

Kyle Syverson

Girls Tennis

Aaron Quach

Girls’ Soccer

Zack Bobick


Ashley Anderberg