What is Perseverance

Perseverance can be defined in many ways but is most commonly used as not just getting through an adversity also thriving through it. It is also defined as not giving up no matter what the circumstances are in order to reach your goal.

Description of the life of Jackie Robinson- the first African American player in the MLB

Jackie Robinson was a one of a kind man who was the first African American baseball player to join the MLB, or Major League of Baseball. Before all this though, he played in an all negro league for the Kansas City Monarchs. He was an exceptional baseball player and made the all star team his first and only season in the negro league where he met Branch Rickey. After a couple months of researching Jackie’s past, personality, and skill, Branch Rickey offered Jackie Robinson a Brooklyn Dodgers contract worth $400 in 1946, which he excitedly, but hesitantly at the same time, accepted. He broke the color barrier when he played his first game in the MLB at first base for the Dodgers on April 15th 1947, and continued to play until he was traded to the New York Giants and shortly after, retired, on January 5th 1957 despite the negativity from everyone around him including teammates. Jackie ended his career with very impressive stats, including a .311 batting average, 137 home runs, and 1518 hits. But what is most important is that Jackie opened new doors in the Major League of Baseball and didn’t back down from achieving his goal with Branch Rickey, which made him one of the most heroic and well known people in U.S. history, though most people still don’t understand the significance of this accomplishment.

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Losing to Win- The real problem and the solution

Carroll County is a county located in Tennessee. It is considered on the lower end of counties with nearly twenty percent of people living below the poverty line and about twelve percent of people unemployed. Carroll Academy is a correctional facility located in the county. Students attend if they were previously kicked out of their old schools or were court ordered to attend. At Carroll Academy there is a girls basketball program with a team who go by, the Lady Jags. Female students are allowed to sign up, and the only tryout is that they have to be getting their school work done, with passing grades, and they have to be passing their drug and alcohol tests. The girls basketball team is not the best though. The Lady Jags are on a 212 losing streak and have only won six games in 14 years of playing. The last win they had was in 2005. However this is not the real issue. The girls face more serious, life changing problems like mental illnesses, depression, parents not being there or in jail, and drug and alcohol abuse.

However, with the coaches of the Lady Jags help, they have learned to cope with and control their problems. The coaches have taught them to transfer their desire to keep trying on the basketball court to reality. The losing streak has also prepared them for the problems they face outside of school. With the team working as a whole, helping, and caring for each other, the girls are looking to overcome the adversities that haven’t already been overcome. If it wasn’t for the coaches and basketball program at Carroll Academy, most of the problems the girls face would have only gotten worse. None of this would have been possible.

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Winston Churchill Sequence

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Kid President Cause and Effect

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President on YouTube for his encouraging speeches and his famous quote, “make the world more awesome.” He is an inspiring and courageous kid. He has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. Osteogenesis is a rare disease that affects nearly twenty five to fifty thousand people annually. It causes the victims bones to not form properly and to be much more brittle or weak, than the average human, causing massive bone breaks, from something as simple as tripping on a curb. Robby has had over 70 bone breaks in his nine years since birth and has to visit the hospital every five months to receive a bone fusion that takes up to five hours. She also has osteogenesis. Despite these adversities, he has remained remarkably positive. He has continued to try more and more activities despite the risk he knows of. He has also made YouTube videos on staying more positive and continuing to try. Because of his adversity he seeks to help others get through theirs and without his rare disease, most likely none of this would have happened. With his positive YouTube channel, he has caused many people to keep going through tough times. He has also inspired many people with his videos and speeches. Robby has affected many people's live's and will continue to until he is the actual President of the United States.
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Eleanor Roosevelt- Compare and Contrast with Jackie Robinson

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Lessons Learned from Perseverance

Although their are many lessons learned from perseverance there are a few that really stand out. One of them is that you have to change the failures, into learning experiences. If you get down on yourself and give up, there is no way you will be able to persevere. Another lesson is that you need determination in order to persevere. You need to be so determined that no matter what happens, you will continue to try and reach your goal , no matter the circumstances. The last lesson is you need to have patience. If you don't have patience then you won't be able to persevere because most often the adversity does not get solved right away. Without patience, you will be expecting soon when it will not happen, and this will cause anger or giving up.