Mrs. Rumbolt's Grade One

April Newsletter

Important information:

New canteen menu: There will be a new menu for canteen starting Monday,April 11th. Please discard old ones at the end of this week and write me a note if you would like some new ones.

Online ordering: Fun lunch ordering for the remainder of the year will be done ONLINE. Please see purple sheet sent home about how to place an order.

April 14th - Pita Pit

April 28th - Hot dogs

May 12th- Pizza Hut

May 26th - Hot dogs

June 9th- Press'd

Upcoming Important Dates:

- Thursday, April 7th: School fun walk. Make sure you wear good walking shoes!

- Friday, April 8th: 11:30am dismissal. Reminder to pack a snack on half days.

- Wednesday, April 13th: Dress up like your favorite super hero!

- Thursday, April 14th: Pita Pit fun lunch. Please order ONLINE in advance. Canteen is closed on fun lunch days.

- Friday, April 15th: 11:30am dismissal AND book orders due

- Friday, April 22nd: Earth day presentation AND 11:30am dismissal

-Thursday, April 28th: Fun lunch (hot dogs). Please order ONLINE in advance. Canteen is closed.

- Friday, April 29th: 11:30am dismissal day

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Table Talk

This is where I share a few things that we have been learning in class, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

1) Sight words- Please continue to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

2) Math-We continue to work on adding and subtracting, numbers to 100, as well as 2D/3D shapes! Please continue to review 2D and 3D shapes at home.

3) Science- March was all about building things! Ask your child about important steps and strategies to keep in mind when building (making a plan, having a main goal/goals, collaborating as a team, etc.)

Upcoming science topics include exploring the 5 senses, as well as discussing ways to take care of our earth and environment. We will also begin our unit on plants and animals soon.

4) Letters/Sounds- We are continuing to review tricky sounds and letter combinations. We are working on transferring them to our writing as well.

5) Writing- Ask your child what 5 things they must check in their sentence before moving on to their drawing.

-Capital at beginning

- Punctuation at the end

- Spaces

- Does it make sense?

- Sizing of letters

We are currently working on adding more details to our writing (adjectives, more information, etc.).

6) Words their Way- W.T.W. sorts come home every Friday. Have your child review their sort with you.

Try playing "no peeking" and "back writing".

7) Reading- Please encourage your child to be independent in solving unknown words, you only helping as a final strategy. Please refer to "Ways to take Action" bookmark while reading with your child, for a variety of strategies we use in the classroom.

*Note: As your child begins taking home buddy books that are longer, feel free to have your child keep the buddy book to read over a few nights (maybe even more depending on length). Please just let me know in the agenda.