Christmas In Italy

By Jenelle Solis

Location of Italy

Italy is a very small country located in Southern Europe, Italy is known for their olives, pizza, and pasta. The four countries touching Italy's borders are Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, and France. People that were born in Italy are called Italians and their language is Italian. Italy is also known as The Boot.

Italy has a republic government called the Italian Republic with the chief of state being the president Sergio Mattarella and the head of government being the prime minister Matteo Renzi.

An Italian Christmas

Italian children wait for La Befana to deliver presents the evening of January fifth so when they wake up on the sixth they can open up gifts. La Befana is a good Italian witch who was asked by the three wise men to join them in following the northern star to Bethlehem to meet the new born savior, baby Jesus. She initially declined to go with them, but later decided to set out on her own, however while on her journey the light of the northern star had diminished and she had lost her way. She never did get to meet baby Jesus and according to legend, she is still searching and everywhere she visits she leaves gifts for the children in hopes of finding baby Jesus. Children in Italy hang their stockings on the eve of January 5th, awaiting gifts from La Befana.

Gift Exchange

In Italy, most of the gift giving occurs on the day of the Epiphany, which is on the 12th day of Christmas. The Epiphany is the day the three wise men arrived at the manger bearing gifts for baby Jesus.


Italians do not eat meat on Christmas eve only fish and vegetables... it's their tradition. However, most families create a big meal to eat, including meat, pasta, deserts, and more!