Education In Medieval Europe

Blake Jones

About Medieval Europe Education

Education was barely seen as an important part of Medieval Europe until it started to create a stronger image with its success. Reading, writing, and calculation was becoming a skill needed in governments, business and even agriculture. People who had these skills, such as scribes, clerks, and layers were standing in great power over other people.

Where the Children were taught

Education in schools was only open to the sons of high class. These boys were seen as people higher than ordinary people like weavers and peasants, as they represented the youths elite. As most education was done by monks, the children would go to cathedrals to receive their lessons.

Materials Used In School

Using quills and parchment was a very expensive method to learn how to write, Quills were only used by those who have learned and mastered the art of writing, Thus, students used was tablet with a stylus made out of ivory, Bone, or metal. With the stylus, students would carve his writing on the wax tablet

Most important subject

Math was important during Medieval Europe, not only as it was a subject "Arithmetic", but also made a deep connections with other subjects like geometry and astronomy