New Beast Found on Foreign Planet

by Tanner Luce

Physical Attributes

The foreign animal was discovered by James Cameron on the planet that we have visited, Pandora. It is muscular and its six legs contribute to its speed. It has long teeth and quill-like things that flare up when they are frightened or threatened located on the back of the head and are also used for sensing and detecting characteristics of the environment. It also has two opercula that are found on each side of the neck. In addition, it has an armored tail used for hunting.

Earthly Genetics?

Scientists have tested the Thanator to see if it is similar to any animals on Earth. Noting the physical similarities, the Thanator already appears comparable to a panther. Its genetic codes resemble each other very much. In one scientist's article it mentions the genetic code: 'Panther: GATT ACAT, Thanator: GATT ACAG'. It later notes that the Thanator did in fact evolve from the panther.

Similar Structure?

Many fascinated scientists have compared the Thanator's bone structure and overall anatomy of the creature to the majority of the animals on earth. It's closest relative would be the panther. This would explain the rumors about humans bringing animals to Pandora. Because it has been many years, many experts believe that the panther evolved to become the thanator. The embryonic tissue of both species are identical, but vary when they age. The conclusion is that the panther was taken to Pandora and has evolved since.