Novak Academy SGA Newsletter

Session Three Finals Week

Session Three Honors Breakfast

This Friday, February 5 (Tomorrow). Congratulations to honor students (all As and Bs) and outstanding attendance students, who missed 2 days or less.

Session Three Graduates

  • Alondra Payne-McFarland
  • Darnell Fleming
  • Gabi Hall
  • Haley Wilson-Coad
  • Joe Jackson

Capitol Forum Update

The following students have expressed interest (so far) in doing the discuss and debate activity “Capitol Forum,” which will be held April 14 at ISU in Bloomington: Dailyn Ragel, Daina Allhands, Jerrell Murphy, Joe Jackson, Juan Marquez, and Mehadiah Jarumi. Do you want your name on that list? Are you willing to give five hours of “prep time” to the issue of human rights? If you want to attend the Capitol Forum trip on April 14, see Mrs. Applebee for a schedule of meeting times.

Enjoy a club here at Novak!

Did you know we have 3 clubs that anyone can join? On Wednesdays after school, Mrs. Maroon leads COOKING CLUB in the cafeteria. Before school, on Thursdays, Mrs. Applebee hosts STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION (SGA) in Room 118. And after school on Thursday, Mr. Wells leads OUTDOOR CLUB in Room 105.