Cross Country Skiing

By: Amanda Poling and Lucas Freitas

The History of Cross Country Skiing.

Cross country skiing was invented in Norway and the sport carried out through Scandinavia and Siberia. Cross country skiing was invented by Norwegians. Then cross country finally became a sport in the Olympics in 1842.

Why do Cross Country Skiers always collapse at the finish line?!?!?

At the conclusion of the men’s cross-country Skiathlon in Sochi on Sunday, the competitors immediately collapsed in exhaustion. This always happens in cross-country skiing—the athletes invariably fall in a heap, looking like they couldn't possibly move another inch. An NBC video titled “Finish Line Carnage” captures the phenomenon.

Cross Country Skiing

The Cross Country Skiing sport is very athletic. Now, I interviewed my Mom and Dad to try and Analyze the sport. They said it is super boring. I never watched the sport but when I watched the sport during the Olympics it was interesting, but very boring.