Burbank Bulletin

June 1, 2020


Dear Luther Burbank Families,

It’s hard to believe we have turned the calendar to June. We have just over two weeks left of school for the year. It really is hard to believe. Our teachers have worked so hard during our remote learning phase to keep our students engaged, connected, and moving forward academically. I am fully confident that these last weeks of school will end on a strong and positive note with even more learning and appropriate closure opportunities for our students - despite our physical separation. To this end, plans are in the works for some neat end of the year remote activities for our students. A virtual scavenger hunt, grade level Kahoot reviews, virtual field day and Minute-to-Win-It. We are working on all of these ideas as we speak... So, please be on the lookout as these plans come to fruition for our students.

Speaking of innovative plans, as the year winds down and 8th graders conclude their studies of Civics, students will learn about Massachusetts state and local government. As part of this learning, we have arranged for our 8th graders to engage directly with local officials this week using our virtual Google Meet platform. Students will “meet” with Orlando Pacheco, Lancaster Town Administrator, State Representative Harold Naughton, and State Senator Dean Tran to hear about the work of these local officials and discuss local and state issues. These Google Meets are extended to all 8th grade students and are scheduled for Wednesday June 4, Thursday June 5, and Friday June 6 at 10:30 AM. A special thank you to Mrs. Pagington, 8th Grade Social Studies teacher, for arranging this unique learning opportunity for our Luther Burbank 8th graders.

We will conclude the curbside pick up of student locker belongings tomorrow, Tuesday. The pick up process went VERY smoothly last week. A huge thank you to all of our parents for adhering to the process and protocols outlined. Your support has made a world of difference.

Parents who were unable to pick up their child’s belongings last week, are asked to come on Tuesday to pick up their child’s belongings. We very much would rather these items go to their rightful place at home than remain in the building until the fall.

Yours in partnership,

Laura Friend

Remote Learning Assignment Overviews, Learning Plans, Weekly Announcement

This week’s Assignment Overviews and Learning Plans have been updated and can be accessed on our Remote Learning Site linked here. All lessons, activities, and resources can be located within each teacher's Google Classroom.

Here is this week’s Virtual Weekly Announcement. Students, please send your original American Flag artwork and photos of you showcasing a new skill, hobby, or talent. We look forward to sharing what you have submitted during an upcoming announcement!

Curbside Pick Up of Student Locker Belongings

Tuesday, June 2nd, will mark the last day for parent pick up of student belongings. All families with student last names, M-Z, are asked to come on Tuesday. All families who were unable to come last week for their scheduled pick up time are also asked to come on Tuesday. Please review the process below before your arrival.

6/2 - Tuesday, 8-11 AM (LBMS only families with student last names, M-Z and ALL other families who have not yet pick up their child’s belongings)

*** Please note – 8th grade families who previously cleaned out their students’ locker – there are many items still to be picked up, including class work, notebooks, calculators, art projects, etc. (Students in grades 6 and 7, any such items will be returned to students when school is in session again.)

Process: We will use a non-contact curbside process. No parents/guardians/students will be allowed in the building. LBMS and MRE building administration will facilitate the curbside pick-up. All student locker belongings have already been bagged, labeled, and organized.

Before Arrival:

  • Pack-up any items your child has borrowed from the school and needs to be returned. This includes all library books and textbooks. Place these items in a bag that is clearly labeled with your child’s first and last name and grade level. We will have a drop-off location for these items upon your arrival.

  • Write your child’s first and last name and grade level on a piece of paper (bold/dark lettering) which can be viewed by us from your car window as you pull into the school parking lot. This will help us with efficiency!

Upon Arrival:

  • Please wear a mask.

  • Adhere to the timeframe provided (above).

  • Drive into the school parking lot and follow the signs which will direct to you the pick-up location on the front curbside of our school buildings. *Do not park. We will follow a curbside process pick-up/drop-off process.

  • We will direct you forward to one of our pick-up/drop-off collection areas.

  • Show the sign you have made with your child’s name/grade.

  • We will place your child’s locker belonging bag on a table. At this time, you may get out of your car and take your child’s bag from the table AND drop off your child’s items to return on the cart located next to the table. One stop shopping!

Upon Departure:

  • When pulling out of the curbside pick-up area, please be mindful of our parents pulling into the parking lot. Thank you!

  • Unclaimed items will be kept until September at which time all unclaimed items will be donated.

A Note About Chromebooks:

  • All returning LBMS students should keep their Chromebooks through the remainder of this year and through the summer for continued use in the fall. Please be mindful of proper care of Chromebooks through the summer weeks.

  • Any LBMS student not returning to LBMS in the fall, should expect to return his/her/ their Chromebook on or by June 16th. More info to follow.

  • Any student entering NRHS as a freshman should keep his/her/their Chromebook through the remainder of this year and through the summer for continued use in the fall. Please be mindful of proper care of Chromebooks through the summer weeks.

  • Any 8th grader not attending NRHS in the fall should expect to return his/her/their Chromebook on or by June 16th. More info to follow.

Math Placement for Grade 8

7th grade families will receive an email from Mrs. McBrearty today about our 8th grade math placement process for 2020-2021 and the corresponding recommendation for math placement for their child. After receipt of this email notification, any questions about the process and/or recommendation should be directed to Mrs. McBrearty prior to June 17th, our last day of school.

“Virtual Move-Up Day” and T3 Report Cards

Teachers at each grade level are in the process of creating move-up day videos for this year’s virtual move-up day event. These videos will provide students with introductions of their teachers for next year as well as give them a sneak peak of all that they will be learning in the year ahead. Virtual Move-Up Day will take place on June 16th. More information to follow!

Trimester 3 report cards will be available for online viewing through PowerSchool Parent Access on June 17th. While grades for trimester 3 will be not issued, personalized narrative comments for each class and content area will be provided. These comments are intended to highlight and celebrate academic accomplishments and engagement as well as highlight possible areas of growth across the year. The final student report card for the 2019-2020 school year will further include grades for trimesters 1 and 2 along with a list of standards that were addressed in trimester 3.

Opt-In Art Enrichment

Mrs. Slattery and Mrs. Lattimore are offering art enrichment classes for any interested students on Thursdays at 11:30. It’s “All About Art for Fun!” Students may access this opt-in enrichment art class by joining the special “Art for Fun” google classroom Mrs. Slattery has set up and announced to each class and grade level.

Remote Advisory

Remote Advisory has begun! Ms. Lavine, Ms. Karlin, and Mrs. Perkins are hosting grade level advisory sessions each week for any interested students looking to see their peers and have a bit of fun! This program is optional. Students can join through the link provided on their grade level Google Classroom.

  • Mondays, 12:30-1:00, 8th Grade

  • Tuesdays, 11:30-12:00, 7th Grade

  • Fridays, 11:00-11:30, 6th Grade

LBMS School Store - Open with Spring and Summer Merchandise

Our LBMS School Store has opened with lots of new SPRING and SUMMER merchandise. Check it out and show your school spirit! All proceeds will support our student activities fund. Go Lancers! Please note: Shipping information on the site has been updated to reflect free shipping. Items will be shipped to the school and delivery arranged from there. If you have any questions about the school store please contact Judy Ursuliak at jursuliak@nrsd.net.

2020 Census -Your Response Matters! It’s Not Too Late!

A reminder to all of our Lancaster families to complete the 2020 Census if you have not already done so. It is not too late. Among other important aspects, responding to the census affects the amount of funding our community receives and ensures public services and funding for schools. In 2020, for the first time ever, the U.S. Census Bureau is accepting responses online. Responding should take minutes! Click here to complete the Census.