Family Traditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamryn Pendleton

Family Tradition!

My family tradition is every New Year's my family has a party. We invite over friends and family to play just dance, eat, and celebrate the new years. At 11:58pm we have someone count down with the TV, while the rest of us stand outside. Then when the clock hits 12:00am we start banging pots and pans. We do this every year, and have done it since I was little. I like the fact that we do this every year, and that we have done it since I was little. It is something I would like to do with my family because it's really fun and it's a tradition that I've had since I was little, and I'd like my kids to continue the tradition.

Starting Traditions...

I'd like to start a tradition where every month me and my family go and pick out a movie and have a family day out together, and every year someone gets to pick what we do and what movie we watch. I'd like to start this tradition because as your kids get older they don't have much time for you, and having one day a month for your family will bring you closer together.