Bill of rights

By Anastasia Armstrong

court cases amendment 1

freedom of religon speech assembly and right to bear arms and quarting of soliders 4 seach and seizure 5 grading jury jeopr slf immratiom due prasse.

Bill 1: freedom of speech, the press and religion

shall no law repectioning establishment religion or free therefor press of people petition or the groverment
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Bill 2;The right to bear arms

some citizens must serve as soliders to protect the country
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Bill 3; right to privacy in the homes

soldiers shall time of peace quarted in any house without own manner in prescrible search and seizuriein law
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Bill 4 ; unreasonable

secure persons house papers effects unreasonable siezures not be issue in probable caues of person seuzed
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court cases 4

is freedom for seach and serizure 5 grand jurybable jeaparay self imcrimytaion due process

Bill 5: trials before charged of crime

capital crime must be judge decide to say the life,freedom or there beloging
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Bill 6: right of accused in crime cases

shall enjoy right of speedy or public trail of state jury of perviouth by law or his favor couse for defense
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Bill 7; right to a jury trail

anl cases involse lots of money the case is deaded it can not be brought up in a another court cases
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Bill 8; prevention curule and unusual pushment

bail shall be required excessive fines imposed not unual pushiment by people inflicted
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Bill 9: rights retained

shall not be constrade to deny or dispare others retaind by the people
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Bill 10 limiting federal powers

powers of comstition not be by more than one states of people.
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