1791 Bank of the US

First Bank of the US

Starting with debt

The 1791 bank of the US was made for the purpose of relieving debt from the revolutionary war caused by England

1816 Second Bank of the US

The Second Bank of the U.S. was chartered in 1816 with the same responsibilities and powers as the First Bank. However, the Second Bank would not even enjoy the limited success of the First Bank.

Other large factors in the banking industry

Important Banking Movements

1900's Banking

  • Great Depression- Roosevelt thought of the FDIC which will insure your money up to $100,000 if the bank fails ($250,000 now)
  • Glass- Steagall Banking Act- Seperated investment and commercial aspects of banking
  • 1970's- Enforced privacy of people's money in the banks
  • 1982- Banks were booming but much like the great depression they began to stumble and take a turn with many government bailouts with the FDIC
  • 1999 Gramm- Leach- Bliley Act- Made banks offer loans and allowed people to invest in banks instead of just holding their money