By: Betsy Walker

Red Wolf: Endangered

Save the Red Wolves

Where Are They?

Red Wolves used to live as far north as Pennsylvania, as far south as Florida, and as far east as Texas. Now, they unfortunately live only in North Carolina. Red wolves live mainly in forests, swamps, and coastal prairies.

Why Should You Protect Them?

Red wolves create more biodiversity in ecosystems. They are a vital part of the food chain. They typically eat small rodents, rabbits, and berries. Without them, there will be an abundance of these animals. Also, your farm can benefit from red wolves. They can eliminate the number of rats, mice, and other rodents in your house and barn.

How to Protect Them

It is illegal to hunt them, so obviously one way to protect them is to abide by this law. Another way to protect red wolves is taking care of their habitats. Do not clear off forest land unless you are going to be using it completely.

Red Wolves v. Coyotes

Although they're similar, there are several differences between a coyote and a red wolf. A red wolf is larger than a coyote.