The Veldt

Things that the wonderful house can do for the family!

What the wonderful house does for you.....

I am sure your parents are always yelling at you to clean up or doing some boring thing that you do not want to, so why don't you live at the happy life home. Their they have technology that can mop the floor, Something that will give you a bath and even scrub you. Their was a nursery for the kids that was like africa it had lions and made noise like a jungle. Has a closet that can transport you to any room. If you drop things on the floor then it will clean the mess. The kitchen is where you can go and ask the computer to for something and it will get it for you.

Reasone you want to live in the house.

The house does everything since it does everything for you, you never have to lift up a finger ever again. You can have fun without even geting into a car and driving for hours since the closet is a transporter. All you have to do is go to the closet go inside and then say wher you are going then you will get their faster then driving.