Japanese Knotweed coming to Canada

Japanese Knotweed Taking Control Of North America

The Japanese Knotweed is a bamboo like plant that flowers at the bottom of the shoots, it tends to grow 3-4 meters! Luckily it slows down after getting to that length.
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Why The Japanese Knotweed Has To Be Stopped!

The Japanese Knotweed needs to be stopped because it is a threat to all of us as shown above it can tear through BRICKS! If we don't put an end to this it could grow under highways and break our roads one such case has happened before too! Even more unnerving is that Australia has a law that prohibits them from having Japanese Knotweed on their property!


The Japanese Knotweed has been called many things throughout it's existence here I will share a few of these names and of course my favourite. Over the years it has been called American Bamboo, Mexican Bamboo, Monkeyweed, Donkey Rhubarb, and my favourite Hancock's curse! These are a few of the nicknames it has earned over the years.