Fourth Grade Rats

By: Jerry Spinelli

Reviewed By: Ryan

Do you like spiders? Well Suds doesn’t. And Joey doesn’t approve! Suds is a afraid of everything spiders,heights,ext. Joey tries to man Suds up by making him bring meat for lunch (baloney). Also Joey tries to teach Suds to push 1st graders of swings and eating their Twinkies but Suds chickens out. The next day Joey tries to swat a bee but it stings him right in the arm. Almost every girl in the grade crowds him.One of them is Judy Billings the girl who Suds likes. Suds is mad and jealous. Joey tries to make up for it by trashing his room and cutting his ears a little. Is Suds going to man up or is he still going to be an fourth grade wimp? Read the book to find out.

I like this book because it has humor and its exciting. Its exciting because you don’t know what Joey is going to teach Suds and most of it is dangerous and crazy. If you like Andrew Clements you’ll like this book because its about school and has a lot of problems and solutions. It could also remind you of your childhood in fourth grade grade like if you did something bad or really funny.

I’d recommend this book to grades 4 to 6.This book would be good if you like realistic fiction or historical fiction.This book is also amazing because its about something you’d do on a regular bases day. Go to school! If you read the other Jerry Spinelli books like Loser,Maniac Magee and Star Girl you’ll love Fourth Grade Rats.

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