Ms. Rutter's Weekly Update!

November 7th-11th, 2022

Upcoming Dates

Monday: (Cycle Day 4)

Tuesday: (Cycle Day 5) CONFERENCES

Wednesday: (Cycle Day 6)

Thursday: (Cycle Day 7) CONFERENCES

Friday: Cycle Day 8)

Winter Gear

Winter is approaching very quickly, and with Minnesota winters, we all know snow is just around the corner!

Please be sure to send your child to school in appropriate clothing. Coats, hats, and mittens should be worn daily coming to and from school.

One of the school playground rules is: no boots, no snow pants, no playground! The kids still go outside, but they have to stay on the blacktop, which makes for a long 30 minutes. Please make sure you are sending these each day so your child can participate. If you do not have any of these things, please speak with me and we can try to arrange something here at school.

Please label EVERYTHING! Every glove, hat, scarf, jacket, boot--all of it! In recent years, I have seen families using mitten clips to ensure these are not getting lost and they have worked extremely well. Families have also used reusable bags to store snow pants and they fit really nicely on our hooks. Just a couple thoughts!

Shoes should be in backpacks ready to change into when in our classroom.

Please have your child practice at home putting all their winter gear on independently since there is only one of me with 21 students.

Book Orders Due!

Book orders will be due this Thursday November 17th!

What did we do this week?

Reading: we started our conversation on families and how each is different and special. We shared our families with one another and did a family portrait as well. These are hanging in the hallway for families to see when you come for conferences.

Phonics: we continue to work on phonemic awareness activities, reciting letter names and sounds and learning HFW.

Poem: November. New high frequency word this week, "no."

Writing: we continue to work on steps one-three on our own (thinking, drawing and verifying they match); I am working with the kids to count the number of words in their sentences.

Math: We are working with our numbers 1-10.