Ryan, Kay- Still Start

Presentation by Zach Zeigler

Still Start

as if engine

parts could be

wrenched out

at random and

the car would

still start and

sound even,

hearts can go

with chambers

broken open.

Zach breakdown

This wonderfully written poem is short, to the point, and heart wrenching in my situations. I believe that the author wrote this poem with an analogy that most people would understand. We all know that taking one or two parts out of a car (unless they control the car like the battery or whatever) will not harm the overall function of the car. And we have all been through at least one heart breaking situation, whether it be a lost family member, love turned sour, or just a hard time in our lives. Kay Ryan compares the heart in the end to the car engine, saying, "Car would still start... Hearts can go with chambers broken open." She is telling us not to let all of these heart breaking things break us, but to move on, just like a rusty old engine.
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Connecting the Chambers

I was scrolling through the list of poems, believing that there was no hope for me and that I was going to have to make up something for this project. But as I was scrolling, the two words, "Still Start" kind of just seemed to pop out to my eyes. I clicked, and read... read again, and two more times after that. I thought, "It's true, we have all kept going through our hardships." With me, my biological father, bullies, judgement, and failed relationships. But I'm not the only one, people dealing with a lot more, and a lot less than me... But in the end we all keep moving forward, our broken hearts just keep moving forward like the engine.
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StargazeR- Miku Hatsune

sora miageta yoru nagareru kumo
te o nobashite hoshi o nazoru
todokanakute miokuru kedo
hoshi wa mawatteku

yumemita heikou to renzoku ni owareru hibi
nagameteta koboreru ikusen no senritsu o nokosazu kasanete

ko o egaita manazashi no sono oku ni sekai
kumo wa oto nosete meguru shi o kazoeru
ryuusei o miokutte koko ni aru imi o shitta SutaageizaA

kasumu hikari, tsumuida oto!
ano hi kaketa, kotoba no imi?
tsunagu uta wa sora ni tokete
koe ga todoku toki o matsu

dakishimeteru sono omoi hanasazu ni
kotoba, kuukan ni hibike
meguru hi o omotte

manazashi no sono saki ni sekai
mawari mawaru hi mo "koko" ni iru kizuite!
ryuusei ni te o futte koko ni saku koto o kimeta SutaageizaA
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The Singing girl

The song "StargazeR" tells the story of a young man who had a dream to make a band. He could play the guitar like nobodies business, but his singing skills were less than adequate so he was generally hated around town. He ran across a display of what is called a "Vocaloid", a robot that is programmed to sing, and stole it knowing the consequences of his actions. In the end, he and the Vocaloid rocked together in the street before he was taken away for his crimes... But before the song ends, he smiles at the Vocaloid. This signifies that, even though he has to go to jail, he never regretted his actions and that he is going to move on even with his "...chambers broken open" as Kay Ryan states in the last line of her poem, "Still Start".
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[Hatsune Miku] Stargazer PV [English Subtitles]
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