Sachin Tendulkar:

I just keep it simple. Watch the ball and play it on merit.

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Biographical Information

  • He is the first sportsman in Indian history to ever receive the Bharat Ratna award, which is the highest civilian award offered in India.
  • Sachin was born in April 24, 1973
  • Luckily, Master Blaster hasn't died yet.
  • He has broken an uncountable amount of records. Even people who were cricket crazes lost count after the thousands. Many even say that if Sachin Tendulkar had never retired, there would never be records in the first place, because they would all be broken...

The God of Cricket's Coming of Age

Sachin Tendulkar has always had a knack of finding the gap in the defense, and hitting impossible shots to that side, and before anyone knows it , the ball is out of the stadium! What kind of skill supplies the luck that Tendulkar owns like none other?

Tendulkar proved his extraordinary skill at 14 years old, when he and another schoolboy hit an unbeatable 644 run record, with Tendulkar hitting more than 300 runs.This awesome man actually started as a guy who recovered balls that were hit out of the field. Tendulkar wasn't really a very good student, so his parents encouraged him in sports instead. Sachin wasn't able to shine right away on the field of pros. He was only 16 years, so he had a disadvantage of fitness. Soon enough, though, he started figuring out the opposing bowler's patterns, and became India's beloved cricketer.

Tendulkar has said that his parents supplied the support needed for his prodigy. They encouraged him, and pushed him on. As Tendulkar says:"The beauty about my family was they never lost balance. Both my parents encouraged me a lot. Like any other normal family, whenever I did well, all they did was to offer a packet of sweets and thank the Almighty."

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Tendulkar probably appreciated the normal family treatment from his family because of the popularity he was already experiencing. He knew this would help him, because he could concentrate at home.

Sachin Retires!

Tuesday, April 15th, 12am

Vinoo Mankad Rd

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Biography of Sachin Tendulkar

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