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February 28, 2020

Beaver Bites

  • Spring Pictures will take place on March 5
  • Science Fun Night on March 5 @ 6 PM
  • Dr. Ferney Returns on March 5 @ 6 PM
  • All Yearbook orders are due March 6
  • Kindergarten Registration for next year begins soon
  • Kindergarten Camp Registration start soon
  • Inaugural Culture Night @ Army Trail on March 18 @ 6 PM

Last Chance to Purchase Yearbooks for the 2019-2020 School Year!

Don't miss out on the 2019-2020 Yearbook! The deadline for purchasing a yearbook for your child is March 6.


Please see the below flyers regarding Kindergarten Registration for children who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2020. Three dates have been provided to register with all sessions taking place at Army Trail School at 346 Army Trail Blvd. Parents are encouraged to pick up a registration packet at the District Office, 222 N. Kennedy Drive (Door 17) or at your home schools office.

Kindergarten Camp - COMING SOON

5th Grade Parents Only

The Indian Trail administrative team and related service staff would like to invite you to our Fifth Grade Parent/Guardian Informational Night. This night is designed to review and discuss our academic and behavioral programs, initiatives, and extracurricular activities. It is intended to ensure your child’s transition to 6th grade is as smooth as possible and to clarify any questions you may have regarding Indian Trail. This year our Fifth Grade Parent/Guardian Informational Night will take place on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 @ 6:00 p.m. For your convenience, separate presentations will take place simultaneously in both English and Spanish. Please keep in mind that this evening is intended for parents/guardians only. 6th Grade Orientation (students welcome!) will take place on Thursday, April 16th @ 6:00pm.

Electronics At School

Using or possessing an electronic device is prohibited during the school day. This includes but not limited to the use of cellular & wireless transmissions, camera, and other applications that disrupt the educational environment or violates the rights of others. Prohibited conduct specifically includes, without limitation, creating, sending, sharing, viewing, receiving, or possessing an indecent visual depiction of oneself or another person through the use of a computer, electronic device, or cellular phone. Unless otherwise banned under this policy or by the building administrator, all electronic devices must be kept powered-off and kept in the student locker during the regular school day unless: (a) the supervising teacher grants permission; (b) use of the device is provided in a student’s individualized education program (IEP); or (c) it is needed in an emergency that threatens the safety of students, staff, or other individuals.

Dr. Ferney Returns

Please join us for the next presentation by Dr. Ferney on March 5 @ 6:00 PM in the Cafeteria. Coffee and light snacks will be provided along with child care.

Cultural Night - SAVE THE DATE

Army Trail will be hosting its Inaugural Cultural Night on March 18 @ 6 PM. This evening will be a celebration of the diversity of cultures that make up Army Trail.

Checkers Tournament

Please Congratulate our grade Level Checkers Champs! The proceeds from the tournament went to help the recovery effort in Australia.

  • 1st:Miguel Lapnet
  • 2nd: Devin Rivera
  • 3rd: Brianna Berrum
  • 4th: Alexander Berrum
  • 5th: Efrain Salinas


Every 10 years, everyone living in the United States is asked to complete a simple but very important constitutional task: Respond to the Census. The 2020 Census is a questionnaire that asks a few basic questions, like the age, sex, and number of people who live or stay in your home, including young children and newborn babies.

Households will receive a mailing from the U.S. Census Bureau with instructions on how to fill out the census in March 2020. Responding to the 2020 Census is an easy, safe, and important way to help provide resources for children and their communities for the next 10 years. Learn more at or

Pick up / Drop off Reminders

Drop-off/Pickup Procedures: Kindergarten through fifth-grade students should arrive before 9:30 on Mondays and 8:45 on every other day. They are dismissed every day at 3:15 p.m. and 12:00 p.m. on Early Release days. Walking students should leave immediately after being dismissed and walk home. Students being picked up should wait on the east side of the building for the vehicle pickup line. Vehicle drop-off and pick-up is located on the East Side of Army Trail in the parking lot. Students can only be dropped off and picked up between Doors 6 and 7 in the Blue Zone (See map for more details). Please review the traffic pattern diagram for a detailed drawing. Any students remaining after 3:30 p.m. will be taken to the Army Trail Main Office. Parents or guardians must then pick up their child(ren) from the office. To keep the line moving as quickly as possible, please follow these guidelines:

  • Parents should not exit their vehicles
  • Students should only enter/exit the car on curbside or passenger side
  • Follow directions of staff members directing traffic
  • Pull as far forward as possible and safely pull up close to the car ahead of you

Additional safety considerations:

  • For safety reasons, students should not be dropped off on Highview Ave.
  • Parents are discouraged from parking in the lot and walking their students to the building
  • Please do not park in the driveway, our driveway in front of the building is not wide enough to accommodate two cars as parking in the driveway will keep other cars from getting through.
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Attendance Reminders

Attendance: Consistent school attendance is crucial to the learning process. However, if your child is ill, please use the Call-in number at 630-458-2575 before 9:00 a.m. to report your child’s absence. The Call-In line is available 24 hours a day.

  • Tardy to school: Students arriving after 8:50 (9:35) a.m. must be brought into the office by a parent and signed in. A tardy will be recorded and monitored in our attendance system throughout the school year.
  • Early Dismissal: Appointments during the school day are discouraged. If your child must have an appointment during the school day, a note must be sent to the classroom teacher telling the time of pick-up, who will be picking up the child, and the reason. Please come to the office to sign your child out.

Note from the Nurse.

While student attendance is very important, it is just as important if your child is sick with a fever or flu like symptoms they are kept at home. Students who present to the Nurse’s Office with a fever and/or feeling poorly will be sent home. To prevent widespread flu in school, we recommend that your child stay home from school if experiencing flu or cold symptoms. To decide whether or not to send your child to school, please consider the following guidelines:

CONSIDER KEEPING YOUR CHILD AT HOME for an extra day of rest and observation if he or she has any of the following symptoms:

  • Very stuffy or runny nose and/or cough
  • Mild sore throat (no fever, no known exposure to strep)
  • Headache
  • Mild stomach ache

DEFINITELY KEEP YOUR CHILD AT HOME for treatment and observation if he or she has any of these symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting (even once)
  • Diarrhea
  • Chills
  • General malaise or feelings of fatigue
  • Frequent congested (wet) or croupy cough
  • Lots of nasal congestion with frequent blowing of nose

TO HELP PREVENT THE FLU AND OTHER COLDS, teach your children good hygiene habits:

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Do not touch eyes, nose or mouth
  • Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, use a paper tissue, throw it away and then wash hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who are ill

Colds are the most contagious during the first 48 hours. A child who has a fever should remain at home until "fever free" and for a minimum of 24 hours. A child who has started antibiotics needs to be on the medication for 24 hours before he/she is considered non-contagious and able to return to school. Keeping your ill child at home will minimize the spread of infections and viruses in the classroom!

Thank you in advance for helping make this year at school as healthy as possible.

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