A Step Towards God

The Bible

The "Step Towards God' retreat

In the Bible, God speaks to us Through human words. Through the scriptures and tradition, God not only reveals to us divine truth but God's very self. In this semenar we will teach you many things, such as: how the Old Testament prepares us for the coming of Jesus Christ, wisdom and poetry books, the developement of the Old Testament, and so on. Come join us today!! contact the number below for more details.

Every monday, and Friday at Balboa park at 3:00-4:30pm.

Please bring a notepad and pencil to the first session next monday, the 10th.

Our retreat/semenar councilors are, Maggie, Jake, Lisa, Karen, Liam and Nathan.

"Open your eyes. Even though its blinding, it guides you down the right path"

Some frequently asked questions:

1Q: Do you have to be Christian?

A: Yes, this is open to anyone but is focused on Catholicism

2Q: When does it end?

A: It starts In the beginning of March, and ends in mid- June with a thank you ceremony.

3Q: How much does it cost?

A: $100 a month

contact information: (858)-345-5673 or Openthebook@gmail.com

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