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Astrology readings and liquid crystal healing

Hi Friends

I offer astrology readings and/or liquid crystal sessions in person or via Skype on Thursdays and some week nights.

The liquid crystals make a great team mate with astrology as they help us move forward on the new understandings a reading brings.

The 77 key crystals contain the balancing energies for any condition. They clear and balance, stop fearful thoughts, shield, empower, open creativity and spirituality, and can help sexuality, inner child and past life release, mental health and physical issues. Any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue really. Great for kids and adults alike.

My passion is soul realisation and the freedom to be our true essence. Best wishes to you,


Liquid crystals as drops or in face creams and sprays

If you want to take the crystals as drops the options are –

  • Trinity $25 (3 tailor made 10ml crystals taken for 21 days. The first crystal opens the path to allow for the healing energies of the second, resulting in the third's outcome)
  • 25ml crystal single $15 (as a complement to a trinity or to work with one key crystal)
  • 20ml seven crystal combination $15 (eg. Deep Sleep, De Stress, Energise, Meditate, Study, Protection, Shaman or Balance, Align and Clear).

Skin creams - I can add up to three crystals to your creams at $5 per crystal. Eg. Rose Quartz for wrinkles and age spots, Selenite for anti-ageing, Sulphur for physical radiance, Apophyllite for DNA/RNA healing, Fluorite as skin conditioner, Pink Tourmaline as a tonic.

Space/room sprays - $20 for 500ml (eg joy and laughter, clearing, sweet dreams, focus, cleansing for physical crystals etc) with the aromatherapies of Perth’s Soul Fire added.

For more information on the crystals, see

Get in touch

If you'd like to make an appointment or have any questions, please get in touch.

0405 762 433

126 McKenzie Street, Wembley WA 6014 (we have now moved right over the road from the house most of you know)

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