Bambike: Revolution Cycles

Bamboo: Rediscovered Supermaterial

Why choose BAMBOO?

Bamboo has been used for food to building bridges for millennia. However it is only recently that its potential as a global resource for the future is being recognized. This strong, versatile grass is not only aesthetically pleasing but abundant and good for the environment. Bamboo is a supermaterial that thwarts conventional lumber as a renewable resource and here's why:

  • Bamboo is a type of grass. By using bamboo, you’re cutting grass, not chopping down trees!

  • Bamboo grows fast, maturing in only 3 years, and needs no care, making it one of the most sustainable building materials in the market.
  • Prevents deforestation
  • Its tensile strength is comparable with that of steel
  • Has high elasticity
  • With proper treatment, bamboo can be very tough and very light at the same time
  • Uses only a miniscule amount of energy resources compared to steel
  • Cheaper than steel, hardwood or the other kinds of construction materials
  • The best ecological choice for a building material