Cowboy challenge

By: Alec Lewis

Tip: 1

There are many thing that will stop you from eating good. Get all those bad food out of the house so there will be no temptation. Most people that stop eating good is because of seeing good fatty food. GET AWAY FROM TEMPTATION FOOD!
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Tip: 2

Go run! The least you can do when you start to eat good is not run. Running won't hurt, walkings fine just go out and do so,bathing physical. You don't want your body to tense up.
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Tip: 3

A good sleep is what's going to help you eat good because you will have more energy through the day. So don't have like a 5 hour sleep have like a 10 hour.
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Tip: 4

Always eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day just because it's the start of the day. You will need energy.
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Tip: 5

Try so stay away from electronics 24/7 try to go outside and do something active. The worst thing to do is sit on the couch and eat chips or snacks all the time. Don't be a coach potato!
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