Animals tritment

arlin carranza

How are animals triment

the animals are not chritment to will becuse when they are lisenig they het them with a rope they had to stop this bifor is to leit. if they dont stop we had to stop thes before they kill them or do something With theme. Thaigers they are afraid to jump the hula hoops because they have to jump the fillet and they are screrd if they don't jump they hed them.

How are animals tritment in the zoos

Elephants. They are animals that life in the walks and some people hunt them to talk to the zoos or crcese for many in zoos some tims they kill them for. skin for ther snors. Some people yous the animals for many or for thir skin because for people to yous suites for the cold.the people who serpent the animals from thir mothers they died scerd the animals .