University of Southern California

About the school

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Looking into the campus

The University of Southern California is located in beautiful, urban, Los Angeles, California, on a total of two hundred and twenty-six acres. With18,445 people enrolling each year, your going to need that much room! Maroon and gold are our school colors and our #1 fan is Traveler the White Andalusian horse.

There are many sports offered for our numerous athletes. The most popular ones are: -Basketball -Baseball -Football -Track & Field -Volleyball

Just as there are a lot of sports, there are many more degrees. Here are just a few:

-Art & Design -Business -Criminal Justice -Culinary Arts -Engineer

Money and academics

Even though we wish it wasn't true, college does cost a lot of money. For only one semester at USC it will cost you $33,000 if you are a residence to California. That is $4,000 cheaper than it would cost if you live in other state. It is most difficult to get in with an acceptance rate of 17.8%. The student to faculty ratio is 9:1 and the expected ACT score is a 25. Housing costs for dorms are $16,545 and apartments are $14,824 a year.

outside the box

Although the Campus is beautiful, you're going to want to go somewhere else, right? well, lucky for you there are tons of places for you to visit, like:

-Universal Studies Hollywood -The Hollywood Walk of Fame -TCL Chinese Theatre -Walt Disney Concert Hall -Disneyland -Santa Monica Pier -The Hollywood Sign

These are many of the hundreds of things to do here in Los Angeles.


USC is a private school with many majors, but the biggest one is Business and management. It has been Since 1800, when the University was founded. It can be a 4 year institution ,though, it will depend on your major.

Their Uniqueness

Though USC is a great school, many actors, actresses, directors, singers and other famous people have made it even more well known.

-Patrick Schwarzenegger

-Alexander Ludwig -Miranda Cosgrove -Will Ferrell -Paula Patton -Jon M. Chu -Reggie Bush -Macy Grey -Neil Armstrong

They are all Alumni or are currently going to the University of California.