Island of Hidden Tresures

Peru's Location

Peru is located in South America. It's boarded by Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia and the Pacific Ocean. In the west is the Andes Mountains. The east shows the Amazon river and south east is the Tropical Amazon Basin rainforest. The north is filled with hills and jungles along with some small forest to explore. The capital is Lima which means "city of King's"

The Basics

Peru is a unitary presidential constitutional republic. The president is Ollanta Humana. Peru is divided into twenty five regions. And has a population of 31,151,643 people and the was recorded in 2014. Spanish is the official language but so is Quechua, and Aymara. There are many holidays here some of which we don't usually celebrate. Examples are Santa Rosa de Lima (Aug 30), Battle of Angamos (Oct 8), and Immaculate Conception (Dec 8). There are tons more but many are also apart of American culture.

Fun Activitys

Some fun things to do are visit the historical sites. They are spread out all over the island some popular ones are Chauvin de Huantar, Cathedral of Lima and Archbishop's Palace. You can also travel to museums like the Gold Museum, National Museum of Anthropology, Architect and History. There are also some art gallery's a famous one is Esmeralda's Art gallery. Some famous painters are Carlos Zaung, and Walter Carbine. You can also zipline through the jungles at more then one place. The best part is that one dollar here is around three over there so not a lot of money is need for just an easy relaxation trip.


Food. One of the most important things need to survive. Well there's tons of it here to try like the Papa la Huancaina which is a simple potato dish. There are also many variety of meat. Some examples are Ceviche: raw fish, Tiradito: cooked fish, Ami de Gallina: Chicken, and Lomo Salgado: a steak and potato meal. Because its a different place there are goanna be things you wouldn't even consider trying. Here's a popular example, Cuy: Fried Guinea Pig. Not something you would eat on you own now is it? There are also variety's of desserts. Mazamorra Mirada: a jelly like sweet, Lucuma: Nut flavoring mostly used for ice cream, Picarones: Donut like but shaped like a pumpkin and not as sweet.