Holtrop For President

Holtrop at the Top

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I want to change...

I want to change the law about not buying meat on sundays. Or the law that you can be arrested or fined for harrasing Bigfoot. Those are some strange laws and they're still in tact. I want to get rid of all these forgotten laws.

Of course I'll add some laws. As example that there'll be at least a couple of trees in every street. Or that there'll be more parks to relax in. I want to change America into a green Paradise. Flowers in every garden, a park in every city, ponds in every park. These kinds of laws and plans to make America a wonderful place.

My Vice President will be...

Charissa van der Swaluw will be my Vice President, because she's reliable and I can always depend on her. She remembers a lot of stuff too. Her ideas aren't that bad and she's most of the time prepared for the worst cases.

I want to be like...

My favorite past president is George Washington, he was a great leader and a lot of people still remember him. He had a huge impact on the U.S. and there are still some things in tact from his deeds as a president. I want to be like him, I want to be someone you'll remember, even when I'm dead. I want to change America in a good way, a way everybody dreams about.

Vote on me and you'll have a bright future!

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