Teddy Roosevelt

Brianna Shaffer


I picked Teddy Roosevelt because I saw a movie about him and I thought it was interesting so I wanted to learn more about him. He created National state Parks. I think he did a good job as president.

Teddy Roosevelt's early life.

  • My President went to Harvard.
  • He was married twice.
  • He was born in Manhattan New York.
  • He was the assistant secretary of the Navy.
  • He was the president of New Yorks city police board.
  • He was the Governor of New York.
  • He was the vice president for William McKinley.

Issues during the Presidencey

  • A coal minor strikes.
  • Congress passes Philippines Government Act.
  • Ninth Cabinet
  • Dined with Booker T
  • Takes oath of office
The Philippine Organic Act was a basic law for the Insular Government that was enacted by the United States Congress on July 1, 1902. It is also known as the Philippine Bill of 1902 and the Cooper Act, after its author Henry A. Cooper