World War I

"Stand to!"


Hello. Our names are Kyle and Nevin and we are going to be making a series of portfolio's that will be describing each of the time periods we are studying. The portfolio's are all going to be talking about the leaders and/or important people of the time period we are studying.

Continuity and Change

At this time there was a lot of change in the way country's viewed themselves and also the way warfare was. Country's now had the idea that they were better than every other country, therefore every country would compete against each other to be the best. The warfare also changed, the invention of the machine gun made combat very dangerous. Other inventions that resulted from the machine gun were the tank, and uboats. At this time another big step in warfare was gas. Using gas to get enemies out of trenches and bunkers.


WWI started in 1914 because of many factors, but there was one factor that was the "spark". In 1914 the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. This started a huge fight because at this time every country set up an alliance with each other. This made one country attack another country because they were attacking the country that they were in an alliance with and it was just a big mess. Thus starting WWI.


Thats it for this section. Stay tuned for next week we will be talking about the leaders of the World Between Wars. Thank You.