A Legacy :

People from the Middle Ages

Joan of Arc

Biographical Info :

Joan of arc - The Maid of Orleans/ La Pucelle ( Born : 1412 - Death : 1431) Joan of arc lived in Domremy, France. Description : Inspiring , Religous, Determined, Courageous , and Brave

Memorable Moments :

Significant Conflicts or Battles; Hundred Years War, Seige of Orleans.Other events; She attacked and captured the fortresses of Saint Loup and Saint Jean de Blanc. “I am not afraid... I was born to do this.”Unusual facts; She believed she heard holy voices in her head guiding her to help the French. While she was the commander of the French Army she never activley participated in combat.

Importance :

Important decisions that she made ; She decided at 16 years old, that she would lead the French Army to break the siege of Orleans by Enlgish and drive them away without any training of any kind in war skills. She led King Charles VII of France through enemy territory to a cathedral at Reims for his coronation, and also beat many English battles during the journey. Why should we care about this person; We should care about Joan of Arc because she was an inspiration. She was a brave and determined teenage peasent girl partaking in illegal actions in order to help her country fight and conquor in battle. What was their most significant accomplishment or influence; Despite everything, Joan of Arc completly reversed a war between France and England that had been going on for a hundred years. She claimed to be sent by god and proved this by performing remarkable actions. Unfortunatley, England saw this girl as a threat so when they could, they captured her and burnt her at the stake.
Joan of Arc - Jennifer Warnes & Leonard Cohen

William the Conqueror

Biographical Info :

Duke William of Normandy - William the Conquorer/ William the Bastard

(Born; Between 1027 or 1028 - Death; 1087)

Description; Illiterate

Memorable Moments :

Significant Conflicts or Battles; The Battle of Hastings. In this battle, King Harold II of England was defeated by William the Conquorer and his forces on Senlac Hill in England. Two weeks before the battle, William invaded England, claiming his right the throne. On Christmas day in 1066, he was crowned king of England.

Other Events; He created the Domesday Book which was a servay of England displays productive capacity similar to what is now a modern cencus, in order to maximize taxtation.

Unusual Facts; He was illiterate, and never spoke English.

"Look I have already grasped my Kingdom"

Importance :

What Important Decisions Did They Make; He took England to battle and defeated King Harold II.

Why Should We Care About This Person; We should care about William the Conqeror because although he was a bastard child, he managed to regain the thrown, and make life better for the citizens of England by the battle, and by creating the Domesday Book.

What Was Their Most Significant Accomplishment or Influence; The Battle of Hastings because this resulted in organization of England and their government.

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King John

Biographical Info ;

King John / Lackland ; He was called Lackland because he had nothing when his brothers each had great dukedom.

(Born : December 24, 1167 - Death : October 19 , 1216)

He was born at Beaumont Palace in Oxford.

Description ; Cruel , Not Loyal

Memorable Moments ;

Significant Battles or Conflicts ; The Barons rebellion. The murder of his nephew, Arthur. Losing Normandy.

The Barons rebellion was party influenced because John murdered his nephew which made the Barons loose trust for him. John lost the battle of Bouvines in 1214 , and in the end the taces went to waste. The barons wanted more power and say in running their own affairs.

Other Events Associated with the Person; The creation of the ledgend of Robin Hood.

"The law reports in newspapers contain perhaps the only real history of Engand that has any relation to truth"

Interesting or Unusual Facts About This Person ; Before becoming king, he was a very unpopular ruler of Ireland and was forced to leace and return to England after only 8 months.

Importance ;

What Important Decisions Did They Make ; He made the decision to stregnthen England's fighting ships, and to make sure that trials in courts were fairer. He made the decision to murder his nephew.

Why Should We Care About This Person ; He signed the Magna Carta, and was a very disliked king in England during the Middle Ages.

What was Their Most Significant Accomplishment or Influence ; He signed the Magna Carta which was the first document to challenge the autority of the king. It subjected him to the rule of the law, and protected the kings people from fuedal abuse.

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