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Ways to Wear a Gilet for Women

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A gilet is the term that refers to a sleeveless jacket. It is also called a vest that’s added to the clothing pieces to keep you warm during cold days. Originally, this piece was used as a decorative vest until it has evolved as a piece that keeps you warm. People may ask, what’s the use of having a gilet when it is in fact sleeveless and an ordinary jacket with sleeves can function better. Well, the good thing about a gilet is you can use stylish pieces of clothing under it. You can look good and fashionable even on cold days. Aside from keeping you warm during the cold weather, a gilet can also also be worn during hot days with a tank top underneath it. For outdoor people who love to hike, a gilet is a perfect addition when packing lightweight clothes. It is lighter than coats or jackets so you can prefer bringing it with you. The versatility in the uses of a gilet makes people purchase it.

They come in many colors and styles and some even with fur. But aside from performing its function of warming bodies or keeping you cool, you can also wear it in a stylish way, whether you are going to attend casual events, going hiking or going to the beach. And here are ways to wear it in such different occasions:

With the Joules Appleton Ladies Gilet from Country House Outdoor, you can come up with a casual outfit. The marine navy gilet features a detachable faux fur hood and printed lining. In this gilet, you can have a striped long sleeve as an inner clothing. Then slip on a pair of red to maroon jeans and short boots with fur. This is a very stylish casual outfit where you stick with the neutral colours like navy blue, black and red. Minimal accessories are required and you can already go around town in this outfit.

The Musto ZP 176 Waddet Gilet is a great piece for outdoors. It is lightweight which enables you to move freely wherever your feet takes you. You can use it in outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, hunting or shooting. The olive green coloured gilet can serve as a camouflage when you are out hunting. You can have a black fit shirt us an inner garment and pair it with your hiking pants and shoes.

Laid Back
A deep pink colored Joules Just Ladies Gilet from Country House Outdoor can even be a piece in a laid back summer outfit. A gilet is not only limited to winter but can also be worn in summer. In order to achieve this laid back outfit, you can have a white tank top as an inner clothing then black shorts and flast sandals. This outfit is simple yet bold because of the gilet as one of the pieces.

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