5th Grade Newsletter

Monday, December 14th, 2020-Friday, December 25th, 2020

Bison On Track Calendar Adjustments

In an effort to allow more time for students to work in Exact Path and MindPlay, the 5th grade teachers have reduced Math and ELA OLS lessons to 4 per week and History OLS lessons to 2 per week.

All students should be working a minimum of 1 hour in Exact Path for Math and 1 hour in MindPlay for Reading per week.

On Track Calendar

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What assignments do I turn in to my teacher?

Many times the OLS will instruct students to turn in assignments that do not have to be turned in. The only assignments that must be turned into your homeroom teacher are those that have "TGA" or "Writing Sample" beside it on the On Track Calendar.

Student Spotlight

Would your student like to be featured in an upcoming Newsletter? If so, please email a photo of them schooling to their homeroom teacher. Be sure to complete the Media Release Form below!


Math: Unit 9 Decimals

Congrats! You are 1/2 way through Unit 9! Please be sure to checking the materials list for each lesson. Students should be utilizing their offline Math Activity Book daily. (It has a blue elephant on the cover.) We will begin using our place value block in Unit 10.

**Winter Break is great time to do multiplication fact practice!***

See the links below for ideas!

Links to Video Lessons

Decimals Equal Fractions Video: https://youtu.be/t9vqm2eM5mk

Decimal Point Video for Kids: https://youtu.be/odVdt83tsr8

Decimal Number Rock: https://youtu.be/68TBZRfaKnA

Comparing Decimals: https://youtu.be/RHUl4kZDD6c

Comparing Decimals : https://youtu.be/w0or6RJrBWI

Rounding Decimals: https://video.link/w/Mu56b

Math Academic Vocabulary

One of the best ways to improve your student's MAP math score it to get them familiar with the vocabulary used during testing. Quizlet is a great site to use.


Math Facts

If your student struggle with 5th Grade Math, one reason can be that they are struggling with their math facts. Encourage daily practice of Math facts to produce fluency using flash cards or interactive Math games and apps. Below are a few helpful resources:




Math TGA #3 Due 2-4-21

Unit 10 Lesson 12: Big Ideas Mini Project

Extended Problems.

This TGA will need to be File-shared!

Reading / ELA

Unit 8 - Persuasion and Opinion

This unit will focus on works that either express writers' opinions or seek to persuade readers to think a certain way. As you read, you will explore how writers make their feelings known. You will examine how they look for ways to influence the thoughts of their readers. You will also discover and develop some of the skills needed to express your own opinions in writing. Finally, along the way, you will learn about words and affixes whose origins are from the Latin language. Knowing these words and word parts can really help you take your own writing to the next level.

Our next TGA will be an Opinion/Persuasive Essay. You will begin working on this TGA in Unit 8, Lesson 7. It will be turned in in Unit 10, Lesson 14. Currently it will be due February 18th.

Please see below for the rubric (Grade 5 Writing Rubric) that will be used in grading your Teacher Graded Assignments (TGAs) this year and let that be your checklist before turning in your final drafts. If you have a printer, I recommend you print the rubric and keep it handy as you are working on your essays. This is the same rubric the State Department of Education will use to score your essay in April.


Blast off into Unit 4 SPACE! We will explore the various planets as well as the beautiful transitions of stars and constellations. Take a family trip outside to look up and admire the night sky. What specific cluster is shown in the picture to the left (hint it's Ms. Lewellen's favorite celestial body)?

Remember Science is "optional," but attendance is highly encouraged since all 5th graders will be tested in Science on the OSTP in April.

12/01/2020 - Unit 4, Lesson 6 Constellations

12/08/2020 - Unit 4, Lesson 7 Galaxies

12/10/2020 - Unit 4, Lesson 8 Gravity/Motion

12/15/2020 - Unit 4, Lesson 9 Review and Assessment

*Students have 2 weeks to complete USA Test Prep Assignments. Instructions are in the OLS lesson and on the On-Track Calendar when they need to go to USA Test Prep.

Some Extra Fun: Create a place to collect art items and recyclables you may want to use for creating things in Science. Feel free to create things that will help you understand Science concepts. Take pictures of you with your Science creations/labs and email/File Share them to Ms. Lewellen with your name and your homeroom teacher's name. CREATE BRAVELY!

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Year

  • Attendance is extremely important for all class connects. Even though Science is considered “optional” it is still highly encouraged.
  • Create a family schedule so everybody knows when students are in class connects
  • Come prepared! Cook, eat, use the restroom, feed animals, do chores, run errands before/after class connects.
  • Stay on track every day with the On-Track Calendar.
  • Check USA Test Prep regularly for assignments, quizzes, and “Tickets Out the Door.”
  • Email all teachers (Homeroom, Interventionist, SpEd) when the student will be absent.
  • Clean out cache and cookies regularly to help with computer speed and memory.



  • Watch recordings of class connects missed. Here is a helpful video to demonstrate how to access recordings through the OLS.


  • All OLS (Online School) lessons require 80% Mastery for completion. The video below demonstrates a lesson that has not been marked complete because it was not mastered by the student.


  • It is highly encouraged students have 3 notebooks (simple one subject notebooks are perfect) so that they may take notes in Math, Reading and Science classes.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • December 11th: 2nd Quarter Grades Due in Gradebook
  • December 16th: Last Day of 2nd Quarter; Virtual Winter Outing 12:00-2:00; All Work Completed by 5:00 PM
  • December 17th-18th: No School - Teacher Work Days
  • December 21st-January 1st: No School - Winter Break
  • January 4th-5th: No School - Teacher Work Days
  • January 6th: First Day of 3rd Quarter
  • January 6th-8th: Alternate CC Schedule
  • January 11th: Normal CC Schedule Resumes

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

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Important Websites

USA Test Prep

Account ID: ovca78, Username: Student's ID # (example: 1234567), Password: Student's First Name AND last 3 digits of Student's ID # (example: Amy567)

Exact Path

Account: okv1 Password: Student ID Number


Contact your HR teacher for your text code

IT Support

If you are experiencing technical issues, please use the link above or call 866-512-2273 to submit a ticket.

5th Grade Teachers

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