Heather's Home Life

Issue 4 | Summer 2019

Summer in the City

Hello Summer!

Somehow, June has come & gone, and so has the 4th of July. And yet, there is still so much left of the season to enjoy.

Here in the Downey Home, fun in the sun and time with family has been the name of the game. We've reveled in celebrations big & small, as well as simple days splashing in our above-ground pool (come swim with us). There's been a fair amount of Pokemon Go, binge watching, and Otter Pop consumption, too.

Sometimes, making the most of our time means doing very little. Other times, it means getting to work and making things happen. Whether your summer calendar is blissfully blank or you're juggling a million activities, I hope you are close to the ones you love.

Ownership on the Rise

After over a decade in decline, home ownership rates have been steadily increasing since 2017. While inventory continues to lag, competition to get into a home will remain hot. Even still, an overwhelming majority of polled home owners agree - the benefits of living in your own home more than justify the efforts and costs to make it happen. Stability and protection from ever-increasing rents top the list of reasons to make a house a home. If you've got questions about buying or selling this season, let's talk!

Summertime Highlight Reel


This month, Michael and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage and our 34th and 35th birthdays. We are very much looking forward to visiting London & Paris this September to celebrate!

I welcome each year with a full heart and hope for a more patient and present version of myself. Thank you for the opportunity to be your Realtor, and for your continued trust in sharing my name with friends!