Empire State

by Jason Shiga

"If being close to you means traveling into the festering hellhole that is New York, then into the festering hellhole I shall go"


This book is about a young geek named Jimmy Yee who likes his best friend, Sara ,but when Sara decides to move to New York City for a publishing internship Jimmy's world shatters.

You see Jimmy is just a shy boy from Oakland that into to Sci-fi and works at a library while in the meantime working on his website. He doesn't know much about life and love because he models them after high standards in movie like Sleepless in Seattle. After she leaves for work in the city, jimmy is left a mental wreck. "I still don't see what's so great about New York."He misses her so much that he writes her a letter about how he feels and gets on the bus to ride from Oakland to New York City. When he gets there he finds out that Sara is with another guy named Mark, who's better than him in every way. He knows more about technology, Sci-fi and culture than Jimmy ever could and if way more mature. Jealously consumes Jimmy because he still cant tell Sara how he feels face to face. He remembers all the good times back in Oakland which makes him even more depressed. He's about to leave back to Oakland when he tries to tell her but she knew all along.


I chose this book because the colors were pretty. My favorite part was when Jimmy's mother tried to pair him up with stranger. In my opinion, the book was amazing. Some reasons I liked the book include how colorful it was, its story and the character. Overall, I would rate the book 10/10 because it was an amazing story of love, desperation and jealousy. It would be recommenced for teenager
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