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Bridging the Literacy Gap Closes the Achievement Gap

Poverty does not cause illiteracy. Illiteracy causes poverty. By bridging
the literacy gap, we will provide equal opportunity in education to all children—
and empower them with the skills they will need in today’s increasingly
technologically advanced workplace. -

Bridging the “Literacy Gap”

Will Close the “Achievement Gap”

By John Corcoran

Principal Mitchell has charged us to close the achievement gap this year.

Literacy is the foundation of learning; therefore, we ALL have a tremendous task ahead of us.

RELA Literacy Department, Let's Gear Up for Success!

Congratulations to Ms. Monique Dewberry, our 8th Grade Language Arts teacher, on being funded Kindle Fires among other items for her classroom through donorschoose.org! Way to Go!!

Mark your calendars to attend RELA Dept. meetings with Ms. Willingham this week during your planning time. Monday Data Meeting and Thursday Planning Support Meeting.

Media Specialist Gaither will facilitate Media center orientation this week via Language Arts classes. Be sure to check your email for the rotation schedule.

Reading Teachers, Language Live Benchmark 1 Assessments will resume in the designated labs this week. All online Language Live testing must be complete by Thursday. Please see Quicksheet for assistance with adding/deleting students. SLO & CAAS Testing begins schoolwide August 17th.

Language Arts teachers, please begin scoring writing diagnostics and enter them in Infinite Campus as soon as possible. The Language Live Scope and Sequence will be provided to all teachers (in your mailbox) by COB Monday for planning purposes.

Contact 404-802-1000 immediately with technical issues such as logging in to the computer and laptop/class or lab computer issues. Be prepared with your Lawson ID number. You may also email the IT Dept with your issues via webmail by typing 'Client Support' in the To field of your email.

Please be reminded that 2 grades per week must be entered in Infinite Campus. Now is a good time to get students started on projects and review the foundation concepts for reading and writing such as plot, story elements, organization and genres. Please see the Unit Plan and Focus Vocabulary in Phoenix under the Testing and Assessment Dept. on the APS website.

All JCYMS students will participate in the 25 Book Campaign this year so Ms. Gaither will be working closely with the RELA Dept. (Reading and ELA teachers) to support this effort.

Don't forget faculty meetings are on Tuesdays after school. If there is no faculty meeting, please be prepared to stay for RELA Dept meeting.

Fridays are jean days when accompanied with college shirts/sweatshirts.

JCYMS RELA Department

Coach Willingham will be around to support you throughout the week. ndwillingham@atlanta.k12.ga.us

RELA Dept. Chair & Communications Ambassador, Annette Smith is also here for your assistance. axsmith@atlanta.k12.ga.us or firefly404@gmail.com (when sending attachments). 404-825-7845 cell