Mrs. Weitman's 5th Grade

News to Know!

February 14, 2016

Another week is behind us, and there has been a whole lot of learning going on. Thank you for all you do to help your child with school. Being able to start the day well-rested, having eaten a good breakfast, and knowing their homework is completed, really helps your child start the day off well.

Planned Absences

As a reminder, if you plan on having your child out of school for more than two days, a Planned Absence Form must be completed and returned to school two days prior to the absence. The office and I have these forms. Just ask, and we'll send one home with your child.

What We are Learning this Week

It's a new week, and we are starting a new unit in Math. We will continue to work with fractions in this unit. This week, we apply our knowledge of statistical landmarks (e.g., mean, median, mode, etc) to analyze data from various types of graphs.

In Writing, we will be studying the format of other memoirs and using these formats as springboards for our writing. The students will also be working in small groups to create a memoir checklist.

We are studying characters this week in ELA and discussing how we can draw parallels between what characters do and how they act to people we know in real life. We will be using different books we have read as a class to discuss the characters. Ask your child about Master and Madam Lockton from Chains. Talk about memorable characters!

All sorts of different concepts are being covered in Math Extension this week. We will finish up our circle graphs that depict the individual-student-generated survey results. We will practice explaining our steps to solving a problem; I tell the students to pretend they are teaching me. Over the course of this year, they have become better at explaining how to solve problems. Lastly, we will take a short informal assessment on a few of the concepts covered in the mid-year assessment. Small tutorial groups will be formed based on the students' individual performance.

Upcoming Events

February 15

Professional Development Day

No School

February 26

8:15 am

Jump Rope for Heart Performance

February 29

Read Across America Event

(more info to follow)