for everyone

How would the world look like at peace

People would help each other. There would be no guns. People wouldn`t starve because there would be enough food for everyone. If people were at peace, they would have more love for the planet and stop polluting. We know that our actions do not help others, we would make sure to think before we act.

how can as children help the world

How can children help the world

Children can help out by planting, taking care of the,forest, treating people nicely and stop bullying.

Which rights should have

Kids should have the right to go to school, Be free no matter what, be accepted and not be judged. Children need to feel loved,and taken care of. and understood. We are still growing and learning about the world, but we still need time off to play and be kids.

Why we fight for those who don't have rights or their rights have been taken away

People without rights

There are people in the world that don't have rights or their rights have been taken away. For example:
1) Children who can't go to school or can't go to good schools.
2) People who can't get healthy food
3) In some countries, you are not allowed to go wherever you want
4) There are places where your family can get killed or are treated badly
5) Black people were treated badly because the of the color of their skin. White people would call them niggers and did not let them do many things white people could do.
6) Before women could not have jobs or vote

We fight for these people because they get treated badly from getting killed or hurt, ,judged unfairly before they know them, called them names, can't do because who you are, and more. We fight because we should all live in a world with equal rights, justice, peace, and respect. If we let people take away their rights, they could do the same to us. When we don't have rights, we are giving others control over the way we live.

What we have learned

We learned that in 9/11 disaster happened when planes crashed into the twin towers and the pentagon. That day, a fourth plane was going to attack another important US building but it landed in a field in Pensilvania. This happened because bad people wanted to hurt the United States.

Sometimes we don't know how lucky we are until we see these bad things going on in the world. We start to think about what really matters, how we want to be free and have peace. Peace is very important because if there is no peace is chaos.

United Nations

It is sad that even today there are places where people are not allowed their basic rights. In the past, there have been many examples how mean humans can be. The good news is that there are groups that help make the world a better place. One of these great groups is the United Nations. The United Nations is an organization created after World War II. It is made up of countries all over the world in hope to keep countries safe, prevent future wars and gain peace by working together to solve problems that affects all of us. The UN is important because it fights for human rights and tries to create peace worldwide by finding ways where all of the countries that make it up can help one another.