Together We Can Stop Poverty

Poverty in Africa

What is poverty?

Poverty is when a country or a person loses pretty much every thing. This can include crop failure,weather I.e destruction of home or car, wars,drought,food loss and many others.

Africa and Poverty

It may seem surprising that there is still poverty in the 21st century but don't let anyone fool you. Right know there a many countries that are suffering from this horrific event. Some are Algeria, South Africa,Ecuador,Central African republic,and so on. Notice I only listed countries in the continent Africa. I did this to show that the key place here is Africa!

They are suffering the most,from starvation,wars,and to strait up homeless. The living envoi rent is terrible in some places. Some homes are just a couple metal boards balanced together and some a are a homemade bush house . They are made of straw and mud. So I say we put a stop to this right know!

My action plan to help stop Poverty

I think that the ultimate way to help stop this is to have people that are willing to take their time and go to Africa and give them food,help them build shelters and homes,give them a life worth living. I think we snood also send some people or soldiers willing to help solve the racism issues and the war issues over there. If we get people that are willing to go over there ,who care about making poor countries high in poverty a safe and great place to be then we can accomplish so many other things in the world.