Winslow's Weekly Update

Happenings in Room B-4


This week will read a story called The Little Red Hen. We will use what we know about analyzing story elements and will work on summarizing and synthesizing. Our phonics focus will be on open vowels at the end of words. Ex: piano, no, she, me, hello

My students are doing a great job in becoming better readers. Keep up the great work of helping them find time to read aloud to someone and practice their decoding and comprehension skills. RAZ kids is a great way to practice reading.


This week we will explore the 100 grid. We will learn about patterns in the grid and also how to use it to solve equations. We will learn about the dollar bill and how to solve problems with hundred patterns. We are getting so smart!!!

We have a couple of volunteers that come and help us out with our math stations each week. Mr. Jim is a retired engineer who has volunteered in my room for the past 4 years. He loves working with the kids! Mrs. Johnson is a retired Rice Lake teacher. She taught 3rd grade and loves to get her "kid fix" by helping with math stations. She has been volunteering with me for the past 5+ years. They both come once a week during our math time.

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Our next unit in Science will be Solids and LIquids. We will learn about properties and do some hands on exploring of both solids and liquids. I will send home a sheet of some experiments next week that you could try at home. Fun!

Important NEWS

***It sounds like winter will bring in some very cold weather next week. If we have to stay inside for recess we may need some new things to do. Your child can bring something from home to play with during recess. They will keep it in their locker and play with it during recess only. Here are some ideas: puzzles, games, craft/coloring, building toys...

I talked to them about getting permission from you first and making sure it is not something breakable. Any questions...let me know.

***We will have another lesson from Mrs. Haynes (Gifted Ed. teacher) this week.

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