The Throne of Fire

Rick Riordan


  • Carter Kane is the brother of Sadie Kane, Carter has dark curly hair and dark skin he is a strong magician when it comes to combat and even stronger when he is with his sister.
  • Sadie Kane is the sister of Carter Kane, Sadie has blond hair with colorful highlights in it and is really good with spells.
  • Bes is the Egyptian dwarf god and he can scare away almost anything, his features are not that charming but he has a good heart.
  • Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun he is in bad shape after being dead for a long time
  • Apophis is the Chaos snake(he is the bad guy).

Setting the Duat

The Duat is a magical place not quite in our world, home to ancient Egyptian magic, gods, and other beings.


Apophis is trying to rise if he does the world will end. Carter and Sadie must stop him but they will need help. Bes acts as their protecter and driver. To stop Apophis from rising they will need to wake up Ra.


To keep the world from being destroyed.(external)


"The bloody god of baboons. He's taken over my granddad. And he wants to kill us."-Sadie (She is being chased by this god)

"Shhh," I told them trying to stay composed as if I met hot guys in graveyards every day. -Sadie ( Anubis,the god of death, helps Sadie)

The vulture goddess shrieked in my Gran's voice (if Gran had been eating gravel and taking steroids) "This way! This way!" (This god is trying to lead Sadie to her death)

Imagine the worst looking person you've ever seen in a public beach-the person for whom swimwear should be illegal. Bes looked worse than that. I wasn't sure what to say except: "Put on some clothes!" -Sadie (He scared a way the gods trying to kill Sadie, but she is not exactly happy to see him, or so much of him)

"I started worrying about small things. My hair. My clothes. Whether I brushed my teeth. I mean, I'm dying, and I'm worrying about my teeth." -Sadie

"Wheee! Ra interrupted as the shabit set him in the boat. "See zebras! Wheee!" -The great and powerful god Ra (he just woke from a 3000 year death like state)

"Weasels are sick"-Ra (same as above)